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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Yep, think you're right Candelight. Back when this all started, I'd assumed that the Sierra Leone near miss had led to a similar lead and we might get season three back. If TIE comes into it, then it could be more.
But... if you're putting 2 and 2 together to get 5, then TIE is one of the 2s you'd put in. It's one of the best avenues to explore in the hope of a big find, but that makes it the sort of detail to add in to make sense of a rumour...
I've no idea where Sierra Leone or TIE suddenly came from with that Radio Times article. It makes the most sense having someone found a TIE archive (which amazingly survived a couple of decades longer than it's parent company).

On the fence still. And I don't think we're gonna get any kind of announcement confirming it for a long time, especially if the BFI played a big role in their return. If they have said they want to surprise everyone like they did two years ago (which was big for them from what I hear) then it could be months before we get someone saying "right, you know that rumour that went batshit crazy back in June..."
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