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Re: I thought they said the JJ-comics were canon?

^But people asking that question don't know it doesn't make sense. When they ask "Why can't the books be canon?" they're not talking about personal preference -- they're asking why the creators of the official work can't choose to acknowledge and stay consistent with the books. And the answer is that we've seen attempts to do just that, to keep ongoing series and their tie-ins consistent with each other (at least inasmuch as any canon is consistent), and they generally don't work out, with the books that were initially treated as canonical ending up getting superseded/ignored. We've seen that with the B5 novels, we're seeing it in recent years (and will be seeing it a lot more) with Star Wars, and we saw it with Jeri Taylor's Voyager novels Mosaic and Pathways. As I said, the only way to have the tie-ins really work as primary canon is if the core series isn't being made anymore and the creators are free to directly supervise the tie-ins.
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