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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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I'm now almost convinced that SOMETHING has been found. The BBC just don't want to announce anything right now.
Personally I think the only thing holding back an announcement IF something has been found would be an arrangement with the BFI (who "barefaced" lied to Ian) about screening something at this year's Missing Believed Wiped event.

Only problem with that is the event is normally held in December.

I can't see what else would hold them back. It wouldn't take two years to sort through a stockpile of file cans, and I have no idea what negotiations would be going on (unless the owners of the "TIE archive" which was found are being picky about something; although if the films are already back in the UK...??).

Don't know. Will see.

I still don't think it would be 90 episodes. If it's Zambia then 71 at most...
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