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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Maybe the Sierra Leone Archive loss in the Civil War was a feint? Maybe the engineer was smuggling the film cans out, and used the Civil War as a cover and he actually blew it up himself when he was done

Or, we're back to Somali Pirates hijacked the Singapore shipment, and the Engineer was a frontman for the Pirates
Sierra Leone's Doctor Who shipment was last known to exist in their archive in 1999, which was destroyed sometime over the following three years. If the films had been moved out prior to the archive's destruction then the documentation discovered in 2010 may not reflect this.

You can only follow the last breadcrumb you find, not the full path.
Like I said in my post (which you might have missed at the end of the last page), I think it's more likely Radio Times got their facts mixed up.
No I saw it, merely commenting that the established story of Sierra Leone may not be true.

Which I doubt, I'm just suggesting.
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