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Re: Trublood Season 6 discussion *spoilers*

Gratuitous nudity, gore and vulgar language is ninety percent of what cable has to offer. Isn't True Blood the highest rated premium cable program?

Sookie isn't supposed to be able to read vampire minds at all (being dead and all) and only sense emotions of shifters and werewolves. But she can read human minds. The only reason she doesn't know Jason is hallucinating is because she doesn't care enough to pay attention. The showrunner handover seems to be shaking their grasp on their mythology, though. I noticed that Jason remembered being glamored, which was supposed to be impossible.

I know Sookie is a prude, who only approves of sex When It's True Love (like when she does it,) but still. Even crazy, Jason still was right when he called her out. (Incidentally, she never wondered whether Jason had problems with the uncle, not even as an adult, although Jason certainly displayed enough symptoms that could stem from early childhood sexual abuse.) Being so alienated from humanity because of their sexual thoughts carries this rather far I think, and it's become very unappealing.

Overall, I much prefer the other human characters, esp. Jason, Andy, Terry, and once, Tara. I wouldn't really mind if the governor wins!
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