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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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My very slight curiosity about the guy has been satisfied so no need for more research! However, I do plan to get that book because I am particularly interested in JNT's time. Davison is "my Doctor" even though I started watching with Tom Baker.

Mr Awe
Cool, it's excellent.... and terrible all at the same time

Meanwhile, the Radio Times is the latest to weigh in...
So now we're shifting from Zambia to Sierra Leone, which we all know lost it's archive in 2001 during the civil war.

And it's a TIE archive? That would make the most sense as it would be likely to have MOST of the serials ever sold around the world.

The rumour keeps shifting too much for my liking...
Maybe the Sierra Leone Archive loss in the Civil War was a feint? Maybe the engineer was smuggling the film cans out, and used the Civil War as a cover and he actually blew it up himself when he was done

Or, we're back to Somali Pirates hijacked the Singapore shipment, and the Engineer was a frontman for the Pirates
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