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Re: Generations was...

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^I agree the Enterpise should not look "fast and scary."

I thought the D was beautiful, inside and out, hotel lobbiness and all. It was futuristic without being cold, it was graceful, and it had character.

The E looked to much like a bad guy ship. Starfleet is supposed to be the good guys.
The exterior of the 1701-D was a 1980ies modern art disastertpiece.

The interior of the ship (carpet of the friggin' Bridge - come on!) was more suited to say, "Love Boat The Next Generation -- Hell, Patrick Sterwart even looked similar to Gavin McLeod.
Have you ever seen the concept drawing for the D's bridge from 1986-1987 that had plants behind the captain's seat, and a second level where the conference table sat? This was before they settled on the final design, and to tell you the truth, I'm actually disapointed that they DIDN'T build this set. After all, this was in a time of peaceful exploration, before writers like Ron Moore started in with their imperfect character nonsense, and so-called "drama".

What's so wrong about traveling the galaxy in a ship that has all the comforts of home and looks like a "hotel lobby" (whatever the hell THAT means. I've never been in a hotel that looked like the Enterprise.)?
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