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Netflix BSG queries (Spoilers)

Just finished another re-watching of the entire series again on Netflix and was wondering if this version of the show is missing some scenes from the show's original airing?

The reason I ask is because I seem to recall that during the show's initial run, in Daybreak Part 2, there was a "redemption" scene for Boomer sometime right before (or after) Athena shoots her. The scene was very short and just showed her interviewing with Adama and Tigh, presumably, when she first came aboard the Galactica.

This scene is not in the Netflix version. Am I mis-remembering this scene? Did I dream this scene (I was a HUGE Boomer fan)?Was it not in Daybreak? Does anyone remember it and did it somehow not make it into the Netflix version?

Also, and this has nothing in particular to do with Netflix, but what happened to Chief Tyrol at the end of Daybreak. It seems the last we see of him is him sitting in the CIC on the floor looking dazed after killing Tori? I don't think we see him on New Earth.
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