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Re: Do you want to phone E.T.?

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That's cool actually. It's too bad that the, "Wow Signal," didn't end up being ET trying to talking to us or each other and didn't re-occur
The Wow! signal still has not ended up being anything for that matter, the truth about its origin is still waiting to be resolved. It could as well be alien as it could it be anything else.

But it was never discounted as a signal with ET origin and no phenomena, natural or human-made, was able to explain where it came from. Which does not mean that aliens exist, but to me it does mean that if aliens are all over the place, this is pretty likely to have come from them.

It might say little about aliens, but it debunks the Fermi paradox. You should not wonder why we had no contact if they are out there, cause if there are out there, there's your contact right there. It's even too much contact for that little monitoring of the galaxy that we've done.
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