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Re: Warp Drive in Star Trek Into Darkness - [SPOILERS]

And I was thinking I'm the only one who noticed...

I believe there is something very wrong with that alternate timeline. It looks like Federation is in possession of (originally) highly advanced post-24th-century technology, probably originating from the multiple temporal incursions of the Temporal Cold War.

There is certain evidence to support that:
(1) The "warp" drive ENT uses in St09 as well in STID is very fast, but so was the Voyager's failed slipstream attempt in Timeless.
They basically got to the doorstep of Alpha quadrant within the few minutes before the slisptream tunnel collapsed.

(2) Visually, it looks like quantum slipstream drive, or the vortex drive (might be QSD too) of the Xindi. Considering the Xindi got their drives from 26th century Sphere Builders and ENT NX-01 was heavily exposed to the technology as well, it could lead to Federation being much more advanced in terms of propulsion by mid 23th century.

(3) The "warp core" room as seen in STID much more closely resembles the QSD engine room of USS.Dauntless (VOY Hope and Fear) than any classic warp reactor room we have seen on FED starship

(4) When ENT escapes the Vengeance, Kirk feels he is safe at "warp" velocity, which implies it is not possible to intercept the ship while "at warp". This is completely not consistent with how we have seen classic warp travel to work, but could be consistent with transwarp tunnels / QSD tunnels as seen in VOY.

(5) If there is one Star Trek show ST09 and STID are proudly referencing as its predecessor, it is Star Trek: Enterprise

All of the above is just rationalization and I fully get the "speed of plot" and "this is a reboot" statements, BUT when watching this movie it somehow clicked in me. I made up my mind and STID made the nu-Trek universe to makse sense to me. The point when I realized this was when Vengeance intercepted ENT. It looked so awfully close to VOY intercepting Dauntless in Hope and Fear. And when we saw the "core room", this was again very close to Dauntless.

I think Mr. Daniels has his work cut out for him
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