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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

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I know what the script says, I know what the writers guide says
And it aload of crap. And if it not on the TV or movie screen its not official cannon anyway.

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and I know what is said in the episode and ALL of those things point to STL.
Except some how they got to there destination? Ok maybe they had a mothership somewhere. But its pretty clear they didnt travel there from Romulus on there own at only sublight speeds as a ship that would take dozens of years to get from one system to the next is stragicaly useless against a Federation fleet of warp capable ships.

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Just because you think that is wrong doesn't change the facts.
Sometimes the startrek Writers and especially Gene Rodenberry had massive lapses in judgement and writting ability. When that happen its needs retconing or ignoreing.
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