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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

So Sally loves trouble. What a surprise. I thought she liked the boy who has been her friend over the years. Initially, I thought the reason she dragged him into a fight was because she was jealous that he went into the room with new girl. But she didn't seem to flinch when he told everyone that they were just friends. I've read that productions use "herbal" cigarettes rather than tobacco, but I don't know if I'de want my 16 year old smoking "herb" at work.

I'm thinking that Pete's reason for keeping Bob Benson around is because people like him (and Don) have a certain ruthlessness that Pete doesn't have but needs as part of his team., or at least that is what I think we were being told. BTW, I still don't see where it is definite that Bob Benson is gay. He denied it to Pete.

I wouldn't be surprised if Don and Megan separate, maybe not for good, in the season finale. They've never been further apart and Megan is getting fed up.

It was funny watching Don play a baby and Joan a Jewish woman and Ted, (whoever, can't remember). Don may not be able to keep it in his pants but he sure can read when other guys are thinking with "theirs". He was right about Ted and Peggy allowing their goo goo eyes routine to get in the way of sound business practises. Old common sense Ted realized it. Peggy though, chose to blame it all on Don.

Glad to hear the Megan won't be killed this season (or maybe ever).

Also, I don't think Don is going to kill himself in the end either. That is too "pat" for this show, not to mention cliche. "Everyone" seems to think it will happen and that is likely one of the reasons it won't.
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