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Re: Have You Ever Changed Your Mind...

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I don't consider myself hardcore religious, but I do try to go to church every Sunday (or most Sundays) but I am starting to really be disenfranchised with the Church. I think the question I have is why is the Church that we get in the Media so different from the Church I go to on Sundays. For example, this last Sunday the readings were all about forgiveness, yet in the media, you don't get that one bit. It's all persecution, being judgmental, and, honestly everything against what Jesus Christ stood for. Granted, some of the news might be sensationalized, but truth be told I try not to get into Religious debates here because for some reason I have a strong feeling that I would lose. Whether that is changing my mind or not, I don't know, but in terms of "big issues", that's the biggest one.
At this point in my life, I consider myself an agnostic Catholic. But, like you, I rarely discuss religion online. What we hear about in the media is barely recognizable to me as Christianity.
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