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Re: Wrath of Khan my favorite design

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I had a little fun of my own.
Great job! I hate it (the look, not your work) as it makes things look too cartoony, IMO. I think the original style was the right thing to go with and I'm glad they did it. The unified "maroon look" across all crew members (officers and enlisted) gave a cohesiveness that the 3-color approach would have lacked as demonstrated in this pic.
Ditto. At first from the Photoshoping you did of the uniforms by themselves I thought it might look good. But I just knew seeing the uniforms standalone versus on a person and placed in a scene of the movie was another matter. And sure enough, it just doesn't look all that great when put into a real shot of the movie.

To make the colored uniforms work the entire set would have to be relit to be brighter, etc. The three color versions of the uniforms might look fine, for example, in the revamped/brightened version of the movie-era bridge as seen at the end of TVH.
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