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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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Anyone else get the SW prequel vibe on Krypton with the harnessed beast of burden and flying dragon-esque creature. Why do advanced civilizations with ray guns and interstellar ship still strap a bridle into some creatures mouth and ride it? That's like saying if pterodactyls were still around today we'd be flying them as a mode of transportation??
Well people today still ride on horses in some areas. I imagine the dragon creature Jor-El rode was regarded as something similar to that.
Horses, Camels, Mules, Ostrich and the like are not 5-6x our size. It's why I chose my example as I did. Cause in the film when Clark is born they show that Dewback looking creature that I equate with a Water Buffalo or larger animal humans use for plowing. Therefore the best example to Jor-El's winged ride is a pterodactyl. I doubt we'd be riding them in a general manner. Yet advanced sci-fi societies that have excellent interstellar travel just jump on a winged creature that is no doubt slower and less effective. Just an observation, it doesn't hinder my enjoyment of the film.
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