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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

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Super hero movies have millions of children begging to go see them. I don't think Star Trek has that going for them (although I did as a youngster).
So it follows that producing projects which get ST into the field of view of this demographic would be helpful. Why is that not being pursued, I wonder. All the Big Boys of Summer do it, why doesn't Trek?

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This is why we need Teenage Augment Ninja Starfleet as our next series.
There could actually be a fair point to considering changing/altering the brand name, (could fandom survive the butthurt?!1) Such a measure could help lessen the stigma associated or it could backfire, come across as sneaky and underhanded.

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Bottom line: Star Trek isn't the broad crowd puller that Paramount thinks it is. The franchise stands more chance of success if they don't put it up against movies with much better street cred.
ST:TMP performed well - and had a very broad demographic - because it followed almost a decade of TOS (and TAS) repeats in syndication, and at times when children could watch with their parents: early evening prime time.

It hasn't had the same "crowd puller" value ever since. Certainly, the success of TNG in first-run syndication in Seasons 3-6 (its peak?) had merchandising running high, but it was perhaps all downhill since then - with the latter series screening later and later to fewer and fewer - until Bad Robot revived things in 2009.
Pretty much confirms what I was thinking. Even in the Bad Robot era, the name of 'Star Trek' will just never have the same kind of name cache as an Iron Man or Superman.

The BR reboot has indisputably given Star Trek a shot in the arm, given it the best chance in decades of actually tapping into the mainstream... but in terms of the wider mainstream audience, putting it up against Iron Man has proven that it doesn't have the pulling power that maybe Paramount might have expected following the success of ST2009.

IMO Star Trek as a movie franchise needs to be nurtured, the worst thing Paramount can do is to send it into the ring against opponents that are in a much heavier weight class. They did this with Nemesis, and (while STID has obviously been a bigger success than Nemesis ever could have been) they appear to have made the same 'mistake' with STID.
General audiences know/like ST and it is entirely possible they WANT ST to become a heavy hitter in the league but they are not going to make a big show of that.

It's all up to TPTB. They need to step up, do whatever it takes to help Trek shake off the ties holding it down, make it break through the barriers holding it back.

Question is, can they do that without alienating, (driving away forever) more of the core fanbase than the total of new fans brought in? Should they care?

Just thinking out loud.
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