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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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If there is no truth to the rumor, they'd better state that ASAP otherwise there will be a lot of bitter fans. If there's no truth, it's in their power to let us know. I will be annoyed if there's nothing to it and they don't tell us straight away.
I don't mean this in a bad way, but fans really don't matter to the BBC. If fans get their hopes dashed over the non-appearance of forty-plus year-old episodes, that's not going to keep them away from the new episodes. For the brand managers of Doctor Who, missing episodes are nothing more than a curiosity that have no bearing on what they're doing with the property. The people at the BBC that would have the most interest in missing episodes would be BBC Worldwide since the episodes would give them more product to sell, but BBC Worldwide doesn't drive the brand.
Maybe not, but the only reason the original show is on DVD is because it sells, and sells in viable numbers. It doesn't sell to kids and fans of the new show, it sells to fans of the old show (who admittedly could be kids !).

They aren't just simple transfers either - a lot of work goes into some of them and the bonus content. Goodwill from enthusiasts only takes you so far - there IS support for old Who within the BBC.
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