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Re: VOY Caption Contest 109; A Small Ship

Janeway: Just do me a favor, let Chakotay work out of here for awhile. I need the command area to myself for awhile. (under her breath) Jerk keeps using MY side of the console.

Seven: Computations are complete, Captain. It is mathematically impossible that Ensign Kim will ever make Lieutenant.

Paris: Why did you make her cry? She looks up to you.

Seven: I simply informed her that her Flotter holoprograms are infantile and that they will inevitably lead to her becoming an individual with less intelligence and reduced chances of a prosperous future.

Naomi: (tears)

Paris: Note to self: Never let Seven Babysit when B'Elanna and I have a baby.

Seven: ... And then I told Lieutenant Torres that it was "A good day to finally become a competent Engineer."

Paris: Ah, man. Now the service here is worse than the food!

Kim: Impossible.
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