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Re: The Official Speculation Thread about John Hurt's "Secret" Doctor.

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One of the articles I read (don't remember which one or where) said that Hurt is going to be the 9th Doctor and that everyone else is being shifted making Matt Smith the 12th Doctor. They're supposed to explain it on the show.
What I don't understand is, the 8th died during the War, and its assumed that the 9th actually ended it - and he made that statement towards that one Dalek, too.

What I fail to understand is, if this is a Time War Doctor, why is he a secret? The 9th very visibly was the post-War Doctor, but he aknowledged the events anyway. And the 10th Doctor even elaborated on it greatly, especially in the End of Time two-parter. So what could the Doctor have done that would even constitute as a secret during that era, I ask.
We don't know the 8th died in the Time War, all we know from Televised Doctor Who is that sometime after McCoy Regenerated into McGann The Time Lords were Time locked/Destroyed, or whatever, and we know Eccelston was still feeling guilty and Depressed from the Actions he took (But, we don't know what face he wore when taking those actions).

Because we "know" McGann was Eight and Eccelston was Nine, we assume McGann ended the Time War and Regenerated into Eccelston (And we assume Rose is shortly after the Regeneration, because of Eccelston's state of mind and not knowing what he looks like, but, that's easy to dismiss). But, that's all conjecture, that gets tossed out the window, if there is another Regeneration in between McGann and Eccelston, we don't know about.

I most definitely agree, that the guilt Eccelston and Tennant carried around and the things they did vocalize does put a damper on HurtDoctor's Secret shameful lifetime being The Doctor's actions in The Time War.
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