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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Grade: B+

The first hour+ with the Clark on his journey while having paternal flashbacks to pivot moments in his life were great. Then the tone shifts and it's just one long fight sequence.
This movie needed about 12-15min trimmed out of those fight sequences. They feel bloated. Lois was too easily shoe horned into Clarks life and after the events on the Kent farm who can't figure out(at least in the high ups of government) that Clark is Superman. Glasses or not. Don't buy the romance, it makes the Thor/Jane Foster love affair look lengthy and laid out. Just like they saved Lex for the sequel no real purpose was served by having Perry White & the Planet there. In this day and age he could've pulled her story via email or phone call. They didn't serve a purpose as a link to Metropolis anymore than other Joe Citizens would have.

Superman snapping his neck?? Is this our 'dark' Superman? He could've flown straight up with him, covered his eyes....snapped his neck 3 downed skyscrapers ago. Not that anyone would blame him or peg him as a killer per se. However, he's just come out to the world and his first act is all this destruction and then kills the bad guy. I can see a mixed reaction from some segments of the populace and governments right away.

I nitpicked a bit, sure, but I enjoyed it despite my issues with it just as a film. It's quite the amalgamation in terms of an adaptation.

Anyone else get the SW prequel vibe on Krypton with the harnessed beast of burden and flying dragon-esque creature. Why do advanced civilizations with ray guns and interstellar ship still strap a bridle into some creatures mouth and ride it? That's like saying if pterodactyls were still around today we'd be flying them as a mode of transportation??

I'll see it again to let it sink it some more. It's light years better than Returns was, is more fun than any of the Nolan Batman's. Those aren't rewatch enjoyment for me, this I feel will be. It wasn't quite the fun of the Marvel films but Man of Steel deserves any and all success it can merit. Glad to have you back Big Blue.
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