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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Was reading through a bit of the novelization, and I couldn't help but wonder about all the extra dialogue in there (such as in the interrogation scene where Hamilton theorizes about Superman's ability to fly). I'd be curious to know how much of that was in the original script, and how much is just embellishment from the author.

Either way, it's really good stuff, and makes me want to see an Extended Cut of this movie even more!
Most of that dialogue was in the script. I was pretty scrupulous about sticking to the script.
I'm looking forward to reading the novelization because when watching the movie I felt like quite a few times the story in the movie went from point A to point C and skipped point B. Likely due to things being cut/trimmed.
About the only thing I tweaked was working some of the Kryptonian names and terminology into the dialogue just so that Clark and Lois and the various military folks would know what the name of Zod's ship was, what Faora and Nam-Ek and Jax-Ur were named, etc. This was necessary because I wanted to be able to refer to the Kryptonians by name even if a scene was being told from the POV of Lois or Col. Hardy or Dr. Hamilton or whomever.
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