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Re: Spielberg Predicts 'Implosion' of Film Industry

We don't go to the movies much anymore. First it was Hubby's school, then his work, then my school, that left little time for movies. Back when the LOTR came out, those were the ONLY movies we saw in the theater during that time. Now, we just don't like the prices. We DO go for a few--got free tickets for Monsters, Inc. 3D re-release, saw Hobbit 3D with a friend, and we saw Les Miz for the big screen effects. And we went when they were live-televising a Les Miz Special live from London--that we paid $22 each for. Not too much else.

Hubby prefers to get dvds/blurays. We have over 300 blurays/dvds of movies and tv shows. I keep an alphabetized list in my computer and phone, just to make sure we don't unintentionally double dip.

When our big tv goes, we'll be getting a 60" or 70" just for watching at home. Prices on new sets have come down a lot in the last few years, but our tv has such a wonderful image that we just don't want to get rid of it yet, not even to give it to family. When it goes, I told Hubby to get any tv he wants--our viewing distance will be about 12' away, so that's good, too, for large screen.
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