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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

8x16 & 8x17 - Reckoning pts1&2:
Anubis and Ba'al have their hands full now that Replicator Carter is leading the Replicators against them. Ba'al has agreed to serve Anubis and act as his avatar but we know Ba'al, he's looking out for #1. In doing so he attempts to enlist the aid of the SGC into helping destroy the Replicators. Gen. O'Neill is all puzzled and says why would we do that, no. Since Anubis fleet is so distracted by the Replicators one of his strongholds on a planet called Dakara, where the Jaffa enslavement is said to have begun is left with a paltry amount to defend it. Word gets around that Dakar actually has a temple built by the Ancients that might just have the key to destroying the Replicators. Under Anubis' rotting nose the whole time but didn't know it. The Jaffa manage to take Dakara and SG-1 along with Selmack/Jacob Carter begin trying to obtain the the Ancients weapon. Meanwhile Anubis is not happy and sends a contingent to retake Dakara. Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock. They manage to get the weapon and find out it's original purpose was to destroy all life by separating the building blocks(peptides, aminos?). They just have to retool it for the Replicators...and who helps out Ba'al...cause you know he's a god, all knowing. Which he enjoys saying to spite them, Jacob Carter is all "lucky guess". Somewhere in here I should've mentioned that Daniel is captured by Replicator Carter and being interrogated on her ship that is battling Anubis' fleet. They get the device to work, Replicators fall, as does the ship which means Replicator Carter dead...Daniel dead? Again. Anubis and Ba'al who knows, they'll turn back up but the Jaffa Nation is founded this glorious day and Dakar will be there home.

8x18-Threads: This episode really has a lot going on. Some develpoment of the building Jaffa Nation with Teal'C and Master Bra'tec given early high positions of honor. Bra'tec reminding Teal'C that this is why he joined the Tarrae in the first place and he can now leave them. That is an unsettling thought which he doesn't answer yet. Selmac is dying and along with her Jacob Carter. Selmac had been critical for some time and kept it quite while plans for Sam's wedding were underway.
We learn that the CIA has a liason with the SGC, named Kerry Johnson whose coordinating to track down any possible remaining Gou'ald on Earth. She and Jack have struck up quite the hush/hush relationship.
Daniel meanwhile is basically in a version of the Elysian Fields of the Ancients. He's not dead but not alive either, he's stuck in this "pit stop" cafe where Oma who helped him last time is there. Along with a jolly man who is the only one that will talk to Daniel. The other Ancients in the diner ignore him. He feeds Daniel news of what Anubis is now planning. We learn Oma is a bit of an outcast herself, why, she allowed herself to be tricked into helping a young Anubis ascend. For some reason when he was cast down his form was of the half/half which is why he always needs new hosts. We also learn the jolly man is Anubis Ancient avatar self. Oma decides to rectify her mistake and she and him flash out in a display of light. Is Anubis dead now? Daniel is returned to life at episodes end, stark naked to Jack's office.
Also, Sam calls it off with Pete. In an odd display during the show where it looks like Sam wants to speak her heart to Jack she finds Kerry there. Who reads the signs and later calls it off with Jack.
Episode ends and the whole SG-1 goes fishing in Jack's pond, that has no fish. And which Jack has been trying to get Sam to do for some time and she replies, almost in answer to a question no one asked, "We should've done this a long time ago."

8x19 & 8x20 - Moebius pts1&2:
A time travel episode to end S8, interesting choice. The SGC still has the Ancients time warp ship from the King Harry episode. So, Katherine has died, another tie back to the movie. Daniel goes to speak at her funeral and her niece gives her the eye of Ra, saying she'd wanted you to have it. She thought of him as a son she never had. He also has been willed many of ther things and Daniel tells her where to send them. It felt they were maybe going for an attraction vibe with the niece also. Maybe she come back into play in the last two seasons.
It's also detailed via Sam that the AirForce is working on a new class of interstellar ship, to be called the Daedalus. Among the new pieces from Katherine Daniel discovers a book which chronicles that Ra had in his possession a ZPM, but didn't know what it was. This is why they time travel, to get something valuable that Ra will never know to miss. They actually get the device rather easy with the time ship. But the cloaked time ship is discovered by Jaffa soldiers, how, blown sand is revealing it's profile.
SG-1, using their camcorder, record messages for themselves, bury it so it's unearthed later. Apparently the timeline has shifted now. The rebellion that was to occur still happens this time lead by SG-1. However, instead of Ra leaving and the Gate being buried, Ra takes it with him. This act means it's never discovered in 1929, things change. The fun of the episode is seeing the retired Jack chartering fishing boat expeditions on his boat 'The Homer'. Sam is a nerdy self-esteem lacking research doctor. Daniel is teaching ELL classes to immigrants. This altered time line bunch goes back in time after some work by altered Daniel and Sam on a tablet "original Daniel" made to clue them into events like the second gate in Antarctica.
Shorten this up.....there are fish in Jack's pond. So we are essentially in, at the least, a minimally altered timeline. So we could discover things in these last two seasons that are a hair different...or more, right?

Well, 8 seasons down, I see this one is now 20 episodes. I'm guessing the last two will be as well? Following the more standard sci-fi channel episode quota. Can't believe how close to the end of this journey I am.
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