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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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I really love the fact that despite the fact the insane amount of collateral damage that Supes actually participates in most likely kills tons of people the surviving bystanders of the city of metropolis go like"He saved us!" when reacting to Supes. It was a moment that was pointed out by Mark Waid, and that took me out of the film with how unrealistic it was. I mean, I wasn't expecting a gritty, realistic flick(it's the story of a white alien from another planet that has superpowers.) but a little more believability wouldn't have hurt. I thought this film was all about"What if Superman existed in real life?" The film kinda short-changes that question a lot by doing that.
In the heat of battle it's kind of hard for Superman to pause and have a soliloquy bemoaning all the loss of life. It's not like comic books where we can have thought balloons either, and a voice-over of his inner monologue would have been awful. The fact is he was in a fight for his life, and for every other life on the planet. If he'd been able to do it any other way he would have. He even directed the fight into space at one point but got dragged back down to earth.

Still, an acknowledgment of all the collateral damage would have been nice after the fact. Maybe a few shots of Superman helping to rebuild the city. Not sure if that would have really worked either though.
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