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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

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The problem with TJ being left in command is that medical officers aren't supposed to be in the chain of command. So with Young and Scott gone, it should have been Lt James in command. Of course, the real world reason is that TJ is part of the main cast and therefore needs her screen time. Same reason why doctors end up in command on Star Trek.
Yeah, at least on Star Trek, the doctors getting command opportunities made some sense because the characters were expanding their skill sets (and in the EMH's case, Voyager ran into so many anomalies that took out the crew that having the ECH made sense). I really wish I knew what the writers were thinking by not having James be part of the main cast (just bump Chloe down to the second string), but I was really disappointed when they tossed out her whole dislike of being left in the dark when the mutiny happened. I was expecting her to lead a third faction that wanted neither Young nor Wray in command, but no, they made her one of Young's toadies.
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