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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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And, I don't get the whole thing with Ian? He's always listed as a "super-fan" but so what. He's just some guy. Sounds like an irritating guy too, but I don't know him. I have no idea how people became so interested in him.
If you've seen 'Love & Monsters' then you've seen Ian Levine (minus the literally turning into a monster bit).

He was a fan who managed to wheedle his way into pseudo-involvement with the TV series, including partially writing one story, for which he got "paid" in Video Tapes and other Benefit-In-Kind (a lot of which have turned up on Classic Series DVDs but generally not until he's thrown a tantrum and threatened not to contribute anything ever again).

He's also very, very rich. I mean seriously loaded. Which is why he's taken in recent years to hiring people to make Doctor Who, animated and live-action (with the real actors) for the benifit of himself and the chosen few he shows it to.
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