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Re: Early review of The Tenth Planet 4 animation (with screengrabs)

At the time of my "revelation" I had not yet seen the bulk of the serial, just photographic stills of the costumes. No, I take that back, I had seen a few video 'snippets", but it still had not yet registered until that forum member (wish I could recall his name) politely suggested I consider another angle.

But, yes, the odd "sing song" voice with the stresses upon the wrong words resonating from an gaping but otherwise unmoving mouthreally helps drive home these miserable beings are basically walking dead men. I imagine if the bandages were unwrapped, we'd see a dessicated cadavar of a face looking rather like a mummy.

Yes, it would be fascinating to see these designs recreated, but with detailing worthy of HD displays. We could see the purposely clumsy "box" strapped to the chest actually pumping fluids through the tubes that branched over the shoulders. Show the bare hands as withered and bony with traceries of tubes and/or muscle stimulating wires forming a vascular pattern. Instead of a simple "ski mask", have the fabric encasing the face look like layers of gauze wrapped around it. Make it look lod, moldy, maybe even the hint of lymphic fluids staining the material.

Ironically, the iconic "handles" were a last minute addition to help stablize the spotlight shaped mechanism atop the ribbed "cap". I suspect that would be the one element the production would want to shrink, making them a bit closer in scale to the subsequent "handle" designs, lest modern audiences giggle for the wrong reasons.

But for the most part, the basic silhouette could remain quite close to the original design, just more detailed.


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