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Re: If you're a devoted X-Box player,why is it better for you than PS3

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Sony fell on some difficult times last year with the whole credit card hacking scandal and their study in ineptitude in dealing with said scandal.
To clarify things a bit, while hackers may have gained access to credit card info stored on Sony's servers, it was all encrypted and there's no evidence that the hackers managed to steal any CC info. There were rumours flying around at the time that the CC info was stored in plaintext, but those rumours were false. The hackers got access to names, addresses, and email addresses, which is bad but not nearly as bad as some made the incident out to be. That being said, I agree that there was incompetence at play in the slowness with which they disclosed information to the public, and the fact that it took them three weeks to get PSN back up an running.

Oh, and the hacking incident occurred two years ago.

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Yeah, same here. I have small hands and the PS3 controller feels better.
Well I have long fingers, so the Dualshock controllers cause my hands to cramp after an hour or so of play. The convex analogue sticks also cause my thumbs to slip, something the concave sticks on the Xbox controllers addressed. There was a similar problem with the triggers on the DS3.

Thankfully, Sony appears to have fixed all of those with the DS4. The big difference now is that the DS4 doesn't have asynchronous analogue sticks, which will take some getting used to again if I get a PS4. The touchpad seems like a nice addition though, especially if it's used for web browsing.
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