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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x21 "Peak Performance"

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So our episode ends with a goofy game with Data playing against Sirna that ends as well as you might expect. Data victorious and giving out a catch phrase.
Of course, the fun thing is that Data doesn't really win - and that nevertheless he has obviously carefully studied this very stereotype, and educated himself to play the role, however reluctantly, to the hilt. The very fact that it's predictable is funny because it's completely uncharacteristic of Data, yet at the same time what one should always expect of Data.

Timo Saloniemi
Not saying it was a bad moment. I do like moments where Data can act like this. Unfortunately there are other predictable elements that span the series that I'm a little less forgiving of. This moment was a pretty emotional scene for everyone involved, including Data, and whenever a future episode brings up the fact that Data has no emotions, moments like this are never brought up because Data will be depicted as being incapable of doing that very thing.
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