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Re: The Doctor Who Photoshop thread

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So, I've set this as my wallpaper, so it's stretched quite a bit. I've pretty easily identified just about everyone, but, there's a few I don't know or am unsure:

1. Behind and between McGann and T. Baker, is that Jenny?

2. Right behind her, there is a yellow looking Dracula guy, I haven't got a clue who that is?

3 and 4. Top row, between Steven and Dodo, is that Sara Kingdom and Katarina? I've never seen any of the Hartnell Recons (Except 10th Planet, which the Recon changes telesnaps so often, it's almost like it's not a recon). I do plan to revisit Hartnell again soon, and will watch the recons this time through

5. Behind Matt Smith and in front of Mary Tamm, is that Adam?
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