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Last night I finally got to see this on the movie channel.

It wasn't bad, but it didn't grab me much either. It was okay.

I found it overall depressing with it's basically dystopic future setting. In a way it was something of a western with guns everywhere and a basically nonexistent police presence. Hell what few cops we saw were basically helping the crooks do their work.

It also had strong echoes of past films, most notably Frequency and Bruce Willis' own Twelve Monkeys. It certainly doesn't displace Terminator 2 which I think is still one of the better time travel films. Frequency is another one I quite like.

I can get the future of about forty years or so not looking too much different than today, but it often seems to look cheap and dilapidated in this films. Of course it certainly saves coin in terms of production since you don't have to dress it up much.

It wasn't a bad story, but there was no fun in it either. No genuine humour or much positiveness in it.

In the end I'd rate it a C+.
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