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Re: Trublood Season 6 discussion *spoilers*

I figure the whole point of Billith's transformation is that they're going to toy with him being an adversary or source of fear for the cast for a while, having him being tempted by the dark side with his powers, before Jessica and Sookie ultimately bring him back to the light side where his powers will be the only thing able to stop the equally or nearly as powerful Warlowe (since he's Lilith's son).

I don't know why the woman who runs TruBlood distribution would trust the governor's story about wanting to secretly finance TruBlood production because he needs pacified, taxpaying vampires. If vampire tax revenue was a chief concern of his he wouldn't have shut down all vampire owned businesses, which also has the side effect of not giving the vampires something to be preoccupied with. Unemployed vampires with lots of free time are a recipe for disaster. I'm guessing that he secretly wants to gain control of TruBlood production to either hold it hostage when the time comes or to poison the TruBlood somehow and kill all the vampires en masse.

I love Rutger Hauer, and he's a great, sinister addition to the cast, but he looks nothing like the glimpses of the Rob Zombie-looking Warlowe we saw previously (but that's no big deal). Also, I know Jason is a dumbass, but if I saw Rutger Hauer pull over and offer me a ride, I'd say "fuck this!" and run the other way. He's The Hitcher for Christ's sake. I'm pretty sure that was Sookie's and Jason's parent's station wagon he was driving too, which was a nice touch.

Sookie has this Warlowe guy appearing as an apparition in her house, her ex is a dangerous blood god who can track her anywhere, she insists on remaining in the same house where people and supernatural entities have tried to kill her multiple times (and killed her grandmother), and she just rescinded the invitation of the one vampire who has sworn to protect her. Jason is rapidly becoming the less moronic sibling. Plus, you know she's just going to have to allow Eric back again later, though I'm sure it will come after some drama where she's in danger in the house but Eric can't get inside.

Maybe I'm misremembering, and granted he was under the influence of V this time, but didn't Alcide take some kind of stand against eating their own kind or eating humans last season? He didn't want the kid to be stalked and killed, I know that, but I thought there was more to it than that. But here he chows down on his (albeit already dead) rival to become Packmaster. I would have preferred to see him ditch the old ways and act as a more progressive leader.

The human SWAT teams with their new anti-vampire weapons are cool, but it's still reliant on the vampires standing there like idiots and forgetting that they can zoom around with superspeed or fly.

All in all, the episode was just alright to me. There was some fun stuff (Pam's always great, and Andy as Mr. Mom is amusing), but mostly it was just mediocre. Hopefully it was just set up for some better stuff later.
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