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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
Great work! (as usual I'm temped to add )

Just a few things I wonder about:
  • In the first rendering (with the sickbay back wall) the panel (did they remove the whole wall panel from the Season One corridor?) in the side booth looks like it should be closer to the adjacent main corridor (looks like you fixed that in your latest post).
  • You went for the sickbay appearance from "The Enterprise Incident". Did you favor this one because part of the "new" panel in "Turnabout Intruder" was covered by the 'medical crane'? (I wouldn't be surprised if feek61has already identified the item in other episodes)
  • Is there a particular reason you omitted the 'medical crane' (introduced to the set in Season Two) and preferred the intercom panel instead?

P.S. I wonder if Shatner's white "body height booster" should also reflect in such renderings.
I suspect you've confused "omitted" with "hasn't gotten to it yet." (Donny can't do all of the Sick Bay adornments first.)

I notice he hasn't added the Robiani-Dermal Optic device controls, nor the emitter unit, for that matter. The mirror is missing from the door jamb into Dr. McCoy's office, and neither of the two instrument stands is there. The door to the sliding glass door cabinet is still missing, nothing is on the shelves yet, and the open/close button is not there yet. He used the first season slide switch on the overhead monitor instead of the third season design. I think we should just give Donny some time to actually do the work before we get too critical of the unfinished-ness.

More information about the Jefferies Seperator ("medical crane"?!) from "Journey to Babel" in this post from a little over a year ago:
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