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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

The thought occurs that this could be an elaborate hoax by certain individuals (not the BBC) to shake free some lost episodes that are currently in the hands of hoarding fans.

How? By elaborately creating the illusion that a whole boatload of them has been found. That way, if any others were holding onto lost episodes, they'd think that they'd soon be worth zero and might rush to get them to the BBC.

I don't know, just a thought that occured to me late last night!

Holes in the rumor:

Why would a smaller poorer nation hold on to 3 tons of BBC films when the BBC itself couldn't?

These films arrived in Oct 2011 and there has been plenty of time to go through them. Would the BBC seriously keep the entire batch secret, even the non-DW content?

If there's any truth to the African engineer part of the rumor, why does the shipment supposedly contain episodes not shown in Africa?

Why does the "recovered" episodes magically not contain the ones that have been animated? It sounds like a rationalization to say that a key person was kept out of the loop!

So, just how does 3 tons of film remain hidden for nearly 5 decades?!

Just a few holes.

Mr Awe
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