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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

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This question is perplexing me. Taking into account US & International sales, Iron Man did $1B+ & Man Of Steel appears on its way to $1B. STID did $400m, clearly a hit but not in the same league as the other two.

How is this possible?
You said it yourself. The bottom line is that Star Trek just isn't in the same league as those other two. Both ST2009 and STID have done exceptionally well for Star Trek pictures, but Star Trek isn't (and never has been) a draw for the general public in the same way as other major hollywood blockbusters like those you mentioned. The last time Paramount tried to put the franchise up against the big guns in 2002, the very same strategy as with STID, they ended up with Nemesis going down like the Titanic.

Bottom line: Star Trek isn't the broad crowd puller that Paramount thinks it is. The franchise stands more chance of success if they don't put it up against movies with much better street cred. I don't doubt that the 2009 Star Trek got a lift because it wasn't going up against competition anywhere near as strong as Iron Man 3.
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