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Trublood Season 6 discussion *spoilers*

Well, Season 6 of Trublood premeired on HBO last weekend.

Didn't see a thread started on the series, not sure how many folks out there are still watching this, but I figured there might be a few of us left so I started this thread for season/series discussion. Figured I'd mark is as "spoilers" so that discussion of the episodes can be open and folks that havent seen the episode yet can shy away if they wish.

I thought the premeir episode was decent enough. Acting, pacing and direction was good. "Billith" is no longer a naked man running around dipped in roadkill, so that was nice to see. They've already shown that staking doesn't kill him like a normal vampire and he has some sort of new ability to move and control things with his mind. Wondering what else the new and improved "Billith" can do.

Sookie was less annoying this outing, which is good. Still have some T/A tossed in to remind folks "Hey, we're HBO!"

Anyone else?

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