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Re: Federation vs The Dominiom: The Rematch.

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was he dumb enough to think the Vorta aren't the ones that provide the white and they wouldn't go apeshit in revenge?
He was-- he so much as stated if they wiped out the Founders, the Jem Hadar would run out of white. He was way off.

With the way the Dominion is set up, it is capable of running with hardly any input from a Founder. At least for a while anyway.
Solution: kill all founders but a few - whom you will keep hostage, coercing the dominion to do your bidding.

The 'do whatever it takes' to win philosophy has its ups and downs I think.

On the one end, doing things like pushing sentient beings to fight for you is dangerous and the Federation becomes the very thing it is fighting against.

But then again, 'photons be free"?? lol
You don't need sentient anything to run ships.
A starship computer is better than all humans at many tasks and better than most humans at the rest.

The gains from it, during a large-scale war, are lost in the statistical white-noise.

Remember that episode where during negotiations, they discovered a planet that could be used to make White for the Jem Hadar. They were running out of it.

Problem solved, keep the planet away from them right? Let them run out of white.

Julian argued that they should give them the planet. Because if they didn't, the Dominion would get desperate and launch an all out assault on the Federation that could cost many lives.

They're at war--that's going to happen anyway. On the one hand it makes sense, on the other it sounds really naive and super pacifist.
Actually, it makes no sense - if Bashir thought that the federation was going to defeat the dominion without going through its full alpha quadrant forces or with little loss of life, he was deluding himself.

As for the planet - if you can't hold it, you must destroy it - in order to save many millions.
Sentient beings trump an all but barren rock any day of the week - unless you're an ecological fanatic, that is.
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