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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Paul Vanezis is also tweeting:

Just heard this comment: "His heart in in the right place. Unfortunately it's surrounded by 30 stones of Twat." I wonder who that refers to?
Twitter. Gotta love it. Tearing each other a new one 140 characters at a time.
Ian does bring it on himself.

He lacks the filter most of us have the allow us to guage an appropriate level of reaction to things. He'll happily insult and abuse anyone who "does him wrong" (I used to be a friend of his but eventually wound labled as "the biggest c*** in Fandom" by him*) but treats any criticism against himself as a Crime Against Humanity.

*Years ago he had the notion to get a bunch of fans to colourise the Pertwee episodes that were at the time still only in B&W and I made the mistake of telling him that the way he was going about it was bound to fail.

He disagreed. Vehemently.

It failed.
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