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Re: United Earth? No Thanks.

Pavonis wrote: View Post
How could a type of policy be imposed on societies that did not agree to it?
The philosophy is the peaceful settlement of disputes " of whatever nature or of whatever origin they may be." Yet after the Xindi attack there was (on screen) no attempt by Earth to peacefully communicate with the Xindi, or to send diplomats, or to possible engage the Xindi through any third parties.

Kellogg-Briand could be the governing philosophy of all nation-states on Earth, but why would it be applicable to the Romulans ...
It wouldn't, but if Earth did have a Kellogg-Briand philosophy, then they would operate by it's core principles.

The Romulans (or the Xindi) would not have to abide by the philosophy of Kellogg-Briand, Earth would. If it were their philosophy.

This is why I do not think that United Earth embraces that philosophy. Because we didn't obviously see them doing it.

... the Romulans who would neither be aware of it nor be constrained by it before signing it?
I'm not suggesting that the Romulan signed it, or even knew about it.

Are you assuming that a Kellogg-Briand type of treaty would mean the adoption of complete pacifism for both internal and external conflicts?
The assumption would be that if United Earth did have a K-B philosophy, their first act wouldn't be sending a armed vessel in response.

If all the people of Earth decided that resolving their differences through violence and war of any kind was unacceptable, and formalized their agreement on this one stance through a treaty, does that automatically make the treaty binding on extraterrestrials?
No it wouldn't, but wouldn't it be binding on Earth?

Remember, I'm not talking about signing a treaty, but instead about Earth embracing a philosophy of renouncing violence and war as a way of resolving difficulties and conflict.

Which I don't think they did.

stj wrote: View Post
Why should it be a wrong ideal to hold that no nation has the right to wage war on another nation in pursuit of national interest?
Because "national interest" includes things like self defense and protection of allies.

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