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Re: Chakotay and Janeway romance

EMH: They'd taken over the Prometheus, the ship I was on, but I managed to turn the tables on them with help from a fellow EMH.
CHAKOTAY: You got through to Starfleet?
EMH: I spoke directly with headquarters. Apparently, Voyager was declared officially lost fourteen months ago. I set the record straight. I told them everything that's happened to this crew. They said they would contact your families to tell them the news and promised that they won't stop until they've found a way to get Voyager back home. And they asked me to relay a message. They wanted you to know you're no longer alone.
JANEWAY: Sixty thousand light years seems a little closer today.

CHAKOTAY: No thanks. You haven't mentioned your letter. Who was it from?
JANEWAY: It was from Mark, the man I was engaged to. He told me about the litter of puppies my dog had, how he found homes for them, how devastated he was when Voyager was lost, how he held out hopes we were alive longer than most people did until he realised that he was clinging to a fantasy. So he began living his life again. Meeting people, letting go of the past. About four months ago he married a woman who works with him. He's very happy.
CHAKOTAY: How do you feel about that?
JANEWAY: Well, I knew he'd eventually move on with his life, but there was such a finality to that letter.
KIM [OC]: Kim to the captain. Can you come to the bridge?
I guess wedding planning in the future where money doesn't exist, things are different. But if you're going to do a wedding right in the present, it takes a minimum of 2 years because everywhere you would actually want to have your ceremony and reception probably happens to have been booked for the last two years, ditto two years plus for all the bells and whistles.

Maybe Mark and his missus are dead inside and merely went to the registry, knocking the whole thing out in an afternoon?

2 years to plan and execute a wedding?

What a tosser.

Although with a (free) global transporter in effect, you'd have to be off world or in hospital to be actually have a decent excuse to avoid a wedding you thought it best to shy away from.

So my calculation was this...

Grieving + meeting a woman + Courtship + stability + proposal + engagement/planning an extravagant wedding + wedding + X amount of time since they were married (4 months according tot he quote) until Janeway comes back into the picture making demands.

4 months before Hunters is during the Dominion Occupation of Bajor, that sort of impending doom is going to cut though a lot of civil red tape. The Federation LOST Deep Space Nine. "Ghadzooks!" Mark must have thought as he decided that it was time to go find himself a woman. "If I'm going to die today, I'm going to be doing it while I die!"
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