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Re: what do people want star trek 3 to be like

Hey if you don't like the deck count thing or the brewery thing and that makes you hate the movies then that's your right.

Those things don't bother me much. For all I knew there were 76 decks on the Enterprise. Its only after the movie I found out that there weren't. And I honestly don't think Shatner knew or cared either - its just a job to him.

You know two things that bother me about Star Trek, that poster of Spock brandishing a gun - that's not the Spock I want him to be. Nimoy Spock's last resort was violence - but that's not the way the franchise is going - bad luck to me.
Also I hate that rabbit in 'Shore Leave'. It makes me angry through the whole episode. Other people couldn't care less.

But I personally respect your right to be worried over some error. You may hate the brewery but I do not. Its not that I'm just 'letting it go' - I just thought it was good as any engine room I've seen and even liked it more in STID.
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