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Re: Chakotay and Janeway romance

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Mark was already remarried in less than 4 years, and he wouldn't give her dog back.

A more dependant man would have killed himself, a slightly less dependant man would have wallowed in grief for 20 years then died of a broken heart, a yet still more slightly less dependant man would have divorced or murdered his new wife upon finding out that Kathryn was still alive... And so on.

4 years is quick.

If he wasn't hitting on women at Kathryn's funeral, pulling prime tottie using lines about needing consolation that worked so well, he then crashed every funeral for all 150 crewmen to keep his wick wet for the next 2 years.

4 years is far too quick.

Mark must have been already having an affair with at least one woman when Kathryn was lost in space.
How is 4 years too quick? It would be if you were on Voyager trying to get home to a spouse, maybe, because you know you're alive for pete's sake, but they thought Voyager was missing and presumed lost, right? No idea they were in the Delta Quadrant until years later? At the very least after a couple years your friends and family are gonna be trying to get you out of your funk and at least dating again.

I'd heard remarriage rates were different for men vs. women after losing a partner to death so I googled it. (Assume instead of just his fiancée, we were talking wife just for the sake of argument.) According to a study in the Annals (take a moment to giggle) of Clinical Psychiatry: "Men are more likely to repartner after losing their spouse; more than 60% of men but less than 20% of women are involved in a new romance or remarried within just over two years of being widowed." So it wouldn't be weird if he'd been remarried 2 years later. I would be less shocked if Libby were still waiting for Harry. I'd love to know what Ensign Wildman's husband is up to, frankly. Might have an interesting situation there.

PS. About the dog, assuming it was a young enough dog, most of its life is with Mark and now Mark's family. It sucks to be Janeway, but if she's thinking about the best thing for Mollie/Molly, it's probably to stay with Mark. Maybe come by, visit just to feel like you've got pet closure and the reward of coming home, and then let her go. I bet the dog would be happy to see her, but it's not fair to confuse dogs about who's their owner and where home is. Maybe if she's still having litters, give Janeway one of the puppies.
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