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Movie Caption Contest #235: The Return!

Hello everyone! Sorry for this contest being stagnant for so long! Everyone lets thank Candlelight for giving it a boost to keep things moving along. And from me personally, thank you.

As for winners, Candlelight was correct, everyone from my last contest is a winner! I did however go back and choose ones for special shout outs. Also, we will now have our winners from the Candlelight contest here, so get ready.......

First up to the plate, we have the Shout out for "Dangerous Security Threat" goes to:

Candlelight wrote: View Post

Crusher: "Have you considered allowing Jesus Christ into your life?"

Worf: "Run! They're everywhere! Regroup on deck 12!"
Our next shout out for "Character Progression" goes to:

Maurice wrote: View Post

RIKER: Wait, isn't that a priceless relic?
PICARD: To TV Picard, yes. To Action Picard, no. {smash}
Our Shout out for "At least you have an idea of where they are" goes to:

Lance wrote: View Post

Kirk: "Bones... what do you mean, you think you left the car keys back up on Deck 1?"
Now, we move into our awards for the new contest, the "Did you invent anything else?" Award, goes to:

shivkala wrote: View Post

Chekov: You know it vas the Russians zat inwented news reporters.
Next, we have the "No, it hasn't been there for long and no it won't be there for much longer" Award, going to:

inflatabledalek wrote: View Post

Redshirt on right: Hey guys, not sure if this is the right moment to ask, but how long has this station been here?
Next, we have the "Didn't see that coming, eh?" Award, going to:

Finn wrote: View Post

Kirk: *wheezing* ....and Spock ended up with Uhura? I would have never guessed!
There were 2 great photoshops that I just loved from the older contest, they duked it out in my brain, my brain lost. They both get the shout outs here!

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

SHATNER: I know they said TNG would bury TOS, I just didn't think it would be literal!

Triskelion wrote: View Post

R. Star wrote: View Post

Picard: I'm gone for just a couple hours and you manage to get my ship destroyed by an antique Klingon Bird of Prey....
Riker: At least I didn't get Kirk killed.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your patience and I am please to say, Lets start a new contest!

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