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Dorian Thompson
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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

Alas, no it won't. The post mortem, it would seem, was correct after all. I won't even let myself entertain the possibility now that the Spurs will take the title. Miami has all the momentum now. Supreme confidence that they can take the Spurs best shot and that the Spurs--when the championship is on the line--can't close the deal. Raucous home crowd. How could Miami lose?

I've been saying to my friends all day and yesterday that the Spurs need to finish it in game six. What was it? They were still up 5 with 28 seconds left? You do not let a team as supremely talented as Miami wriggle off the hook. You keep your foot on their throats and you make your free throws.

Jeez Louise. That sucked eggs.

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