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Re: what do people want star trek 3 to be like

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So you never said that only your complaints were relevant, but pointed ears are an essential part of the Romulan race, whose omission would be a glaring error worthy of mention, but deck counts are stupid and any errors I point out are insignificant details that nobody notices but me, and if somebody does notice then I'm wrong about that because you've never noticed them, and you were clearly joking about taking life too seriously, but I'm whining and I really need to chill out.

Have I missed anything?
I think most people aren't nearly so detail-oriented or detail-attentive, even among those who'd consider themselves more than just casual Trek fans. There's nothing wrong with immersing oneself in that level of detail, but it's certainly not something that the casual fan can or should be expected to be cognizant of to any great degree.

Speaking only for myself, I've been watching this stuff for a long time, and while I may notice if something is out of place or is inconsistent with the way it's been depicted previously in episode X, Y or Z, there have also been plenty of times where such an "error" completely escaped my attention until it was mentioned by another fan some time much later. As long as I'm having fun, though—as long as I'm being entertained—then it's generally not a big deal for me if every detail isn't exactly in line with the way it's been shown before. That's just part of episodic storytelling, and part of having different stories told from different perspectives - things may look a bit different from story to story, and that's perfectly all right.

Leaning back and chilling out can also be good for one's perspective; it is possible to examine a thing too closely, so that from then on it will never again look quite right, regardless of the angle from which it is viewed.
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