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Re: Has anyone else noticed the major plot flaw in TWOK?

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Of course, this is far from the only plot or conceptual flaw in TWOK. The movie is full to the brim with flaws. How come Khan's followers, who were multiethnic adults when they were stranded 15 (or 18) years earlier, are now a bunch of blond Nazi-recruiting-poster types in their 20s?
In no way do the WOK followers look like Nazis.

How can a tiny torpedo terraform an entire planet?
How are starships able to travel through time, and return to the point of departure? None of what we see on screen is even remotely plausible, but it is accepted in the framework of far-future storytelling. If you buy the endless never-going-to-happen things common to Trek tech, the Genesis torpedo is not something out of the norm for fictional late 23rd century technology.

Why does Scotty bring his bloody, dying cadet/nephew (depending on the cut) to the bridge instead of sickbay?
As Sran pointed out:

People do strange things when they're in shock. Scotty may not have realized what he was doing until he actually stepped onto the bridge with Peter, so traumatized by his nephew's injuries was he.
Tragedy in can produce what observers see as strange behavior in the moment. In reality, why did Jackie Kennedy reach for a piece of her husband's skull/brains on the back of the limo? Someone being hoplessly clinical would say, "why did she do that? It makes no sense" as many a witness knew JFK was dead at the moment of the head shot. So, if she believed that piece would be instrumental in saving what obviously could not be saved, then her actions could be described as trauma-induced, "strange" behavior, however under the circumstances, it is easy to understand.
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