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Of course Spock runs like a dork.

Because he is a dork.

It's just that in Star Trek being a dork is AWESOME.
Spock running like a dork is fine in principle, since Spock IS a dork, despite his super-human strength. Spock running like a dork when the film is trying to portray him as Dirty Harry in Spock drag isn't very effective filmmaking.
Have you ever run track? A sprinter during the middle of his or her run is supposed to keep their torso as vertical as possible and let the arms and legs do all the work. It's about economy of movement.

Zachary Quinto actually underwent sprint training for the movie in anticipation of the running scenes. What you describe as "dorky" is actually the efficient style most real sprinters adopt. And who would be more efficient than Spock?

Quinto went on to talk about the training regimen he used to get into shape for the film.

We did a lot of fight choreography and that was supplemented by weightlifting. I had to sprint a lot. So there was a lot of sprint training as well.

I agree Quinto didn't run like a dork. I don't know what people are seeing there.

On the other hand Nimoy did run like a 'dork' on the rare occasions he had to run it TOS. But again I say it was adorable (on Nimoy Spock) as most things are.
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