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Re: what do people want star trek 3 to be like

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Oh good grief. First of all, a lot of the stuff we're talking about is stuff that the casual viewer would be aware of if they're paying any kind of attention (like specifically saying there are 24 decks, and then talking about 'decks 26 through 11'.
Unlikely. I've watched Star Trek since I was five years old, and I didn't know the Enterprise-E had twenty four decks. Don't kid yourself by believing other people would notice such insignificant details.

greenlight wrote:
Secondly, I don't think the distinction between hard-core trek nerds and casual, disinterested observers is as strong as it used to be. Star Trek has seeped into popular culture enough that a lot of casual viewers notice discrepancies even if they're not the kind of people who go to conventions or lurk around these parts.
And you'd be wrong about that.

greenlight wrote:
By your own admission, if they show a Romulan without ears, that would be a glaring omission, relevant to the plot, that everyone would notice and would bother you. Why wouldn't that be something that you'd ignore, or enjoy because of the ridiculousness of the error? I mean, hey, life's too short, right?
No, because pointed ears are an essential part of the Romulan race. The overwhelming majority of people who watch Star Trek know that Romulans have pointed ears. That's not the case where the number of decks on the Enterprise is concerned. See the difference? And my statement about not taking life too seriously was a joke. That you'd whine about it indicates you are taking things far too seriously. It's Star Trek. It's not real. Chill out.

greenlight wrote:
So to be clear: I'm not 'pitching a fit'. I'm not 'taking life too seriously'. I'm on a Star Trek thread talking about what I do and don't like about Star Trek. If everyone's complaints except yours are irrelevant, you should just state that up front.
Please don't put words in my mouth. I never said that only my complaints were relevant. I merely stated that I think you're going overboard by whining about a mistake with the number of decks on a starship. Honestly, how many people do you really think notice something like that? I never noticed until you brought it up, and I've been watching these movies for years.

Once again: chill out.

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