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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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I have noticed for a while that some of the most heart-stopping shots of Janeway are when she "finds the light" as they call it. I'm sure her theater training helped, but she has a natural instinct for finding the lighting in a shot and using it to full advantage to highlight her strong features.

The most notable episodes that come to mind are "Resolutions" when she is gives her speech to the crew in the beginning, and again during the massage scene. Also, forgive me for forgetting the name, but the episode directed by Robert Duncan McNeill when Janeway has to save Kes by going through the ritual. When she makes it to the "end" during her first attempt, the shot as she leans her back in the lens flare.

There are many more examples of her using the set lighting to its full advantage, but those are some of my favorites. Some of the scenes are in the video "The Softer Side of Janeway."
"Sacred Ground"...

I like Janeway's face at the end of this ep almost as much at the end of (Tuvix) the ep that shall not be named.

I agree re:" finding the light, but then again those features sometimes stand out best in silhouette... taken from the last page.

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