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Re: The Doctor Who primer

Here's a runthrough of WHO available on DVD:


An Unearthly Child-Available as part of the Beginning box set. This is the first Doctor Who story, where two schoolteachers follow a mysterious student to a mysterious police box...and an even more mysterious "Doctor". This is followed by an adventure during the stone age. Available in UK, available in US this March.

The Daleks-Also part of the beginning box set. The Doctor and his companions travel to the war-torn planet Skaro, where he first encounters the deadly Daleks. Available in UK, available in US this March.

Inside The Spaceship-Another "Beginning" story. Things inside the TARDIS start to get weird. Available in UK, available in US in March.

The Aztecs-The Doctor and co. travel to ancient Central America towards the end of the Aztec civilization. However, things start to get out of hand when one of the companions is mistaken for a goddess, and tries to change history. Available in both UK and US.

The Dalek Invasion Of Earth-The Doctor and co. arrive in the near future Earth to find it ruled by Daleks. Available in both UK and US.

The Web Planet. The Doctor finds himself in a war between two insect races. Available currently in UK, US release forthcoming.


Lost In Time-A set including 'orphaned' episodes from The Crusade, The Moonbase and several other incomplete stories.


The Tomb Of The Cybermen-The Doctor and his companions join an archaelogical expedition on the planet Telos, last known resting place of the Cybermen. However, the Cybermen aren't quite dead...Available in US and UK.

The Mind Robber-Forced to take the TARDIS out of space and time, the Doctor finds himself in a bizzare realm where characters from books become reality. Available in US and UK.

The Seeds Of death-The Ice Warriors have captured a base on the moon and have taken control of Earth's matter transmitters, using them to send a deadly virus. Only the Doctor, a group of scientists, and an old museum curater stand in their way. Available in US and UK


Spearhead From Space-The regenerated Doctor arrives on Earth at the same time as a group of plastic-posessing aliens. Available in US and UK.

Inferno (To be released later this year)-During a dangerous experiment, the Doctor finds himself teleported to a parrarel universe where he encounters evil versions of his friends.

Claws Of Axos-When a race of apparentally benevolent aliens offer humankind a new resource, they're quick to use it. But the Doctor is suspicious, and the presence of the Master doesn't help matters. Available in US and UK.

The Three Doctors-When an ancient time lord gone mad returns and threathens Earth and Gallifrey, the Doctor teams up with his earlier incarnations to stop him. Available in US and UK.

Carnival Of Monsters-The Doctor gets shrunk trapped in an strange world of giant monsters, time-looped ships, and political intrique. Available in US and UK.

The Green Death-The Doctor teams up with a group of hippies to opposse an industrial company whose waste is creating horrible mutations. Available in US and UK.


The Ark In Space-In the far future, the Doctor and his companions find themselves onboard a space station which holds the last remnants of humanity onboard. However, a deadly life-form is sabotaging the ship...

Genesis Of The Daleks (Forthcoming)-The Doctor is sent by the time lords to Skaro, where he must prevent a mad scientist from creating the Daleks.

Pyramids Of Mars-When an archaeologist unwittingly unearths an entombed Egyptian "god", the Doctor is in a race against time to prevent it from escaping and destroying all life. Available in the US and UK.

The Robots Of Death-The Doctor must solve a murder mystery on a mining transport run by robots.

Talons Of Weng-Chiang-The Doctor finds himself in intrique in late 19th century London when several local women have gone missing near a pantomime theather. Available in US and UK.

The Horror Of Fang Rock-Strange happenings occur at a lighthouse-and the Doctor feels it might involve an alien. Available in the US and UK.

(The Key To Time Saga) The six following DVDs are part of the Key To Time Saga and are only available in the US.

The Ribos Operation-Set to find the pieces of the Key To Time, the Doctor finds himself involved in intrique involving an exiled prince and a group of con men.

The Pirate Planet-The Doctor, tracking down the second piece of the key to time, finds himself on a planet that sucks the life out of other planets.

The Stones Of Blood-Searching for the third segment, the Doctor finds himself on Earth dealing with a cult revolving around a strange stone circle.

The Androids Of Tara-The Doctor deals with androids, princes and princesses in this Doctor Who story, which is a semi-spoof of the Prisoner of Zenda.

The Power Of Kroll-On a swamp world, the Doctor is caught in the local struggle between a group of primitives, gun-runners, and a giant octopus monster.

The Armageddon Factor-The Doctor is involved in a war between two planets, however it is all being orchestrated by forces who are after the final piece to the key to time.


City Of Death-The Doctor is on vacation in Paris but soon finds himself dealing with art thieves, one of whom is using the money to finance time travel experiments...but to what purpose? Available in Us and UK

The Leisure Hive-The Doctor journeys to a dying planet where an unusual leisure device could be used for the salvation of a planet...or it's destruction. Available in US and UK


The Visitation-In 1666, the Doctor discovers an alien exile is manipulating the fears of a local village. Available in US and UK.

Earthshock-The Doctor once again battles the Cybermen, who are intent on destroying the world. Available in US and UK.

The Five Doctors-The Doctor-five of them-as well as several companions and enemies-are kidnapped by a mysterious time lord for an unknown purpose. Available in US and UK.

Ressurection Of The Daleks-The Daleks have once again ressurected their creator, Davros, to help them deal with a dangerous plague that is destroying their armies. However, Davros has other plans...which include the Doctor. Available in US and UK.

The Caves Of Androzani-The final story of the Fifth Doctor as he becomes embroiled in a plot involving a wonder drug and gunrunners while dealing with a deadly disease that has infected him and his companion.


Vengeance On Varos-The Doctor finds himself dealing with a deadly form of reality TV while searching for power for an ailing TARDIS. Available in US and UK.

The Two Doctors-The Doctor teams up with his second incarnation to keep the Sontarans from discovering time travel. Available in the US and UK.

Revelation Of The Daleks-The Doctor visits a strange 'funeral home' of sorts, but it's being secretly run by his old enemy Davros. Available only in the UK, so far.


Rememberance Of The Daleks-The Doctor travels back to 1963 London to take care of some unfinished business, but the Daleks are hot on his tail, hoping to posess ancient Gallifreyan technology.

Ghost Light-The Doctor visits a strange mansion where the forces of evolution have run amok.

The Curse Of Fenric-In World War II England, the Doctor tries to unravel the mystery of an ancient Viking curse and a sudden onslaught by dangerous vampire creatures.
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